General Motors And United Auto Workers Union Reach Tentative Deal

General Motors and United Auto Workers have reached a tentative deal to end the nationwide strike, more than a month after nearly 50,000 workers walked off their jobs. The union said that the deal still has to be approved and ratified by the UAW GM National council.

According to the union, the UAW GM National council will meet on Thursday to review the details of the tentative deal and vote whether to recommend it for full ratification. At Thursday’s meeting, leaders will also decide whether to continue the strike until the ratification concludes or stop the strike after the council approves of the agreement.

Approximately 49,000 union workers walked off their jobs Sept. 16, launching a nationwide strike at General Motors after a previous labor contract expired and negotiations over a new one fell apart. Union leaders had argued that GM workers deserved more of the company’s profits, which they say have totaled $35 billion in North America over the last three years.

Deal reached to end GM strike


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