Louis C.K. Announces 14-City International “Comeback” Tour

In an email to his fans, comedian Louis C.K. announced a new 14-city international tour. C.K. notified fans that he would begin his tour on Saturday, November 2 in Richmond, Va., and conclude Jan. 31 in New Orleans. Other stops will include Tel Aviv, Rome, and Detroit.

The comedian also said his website, which had been down for a period of time, would soon go through a redesign and be back “in a month or so” with “a few new” products on the site. C.K wrote on his page, “I am on the road doing professional stand-up comedy. Which consists of sharing jokes, stories, observations, lies, non-lies, and being generally ridiculous for the benefit of a laughing audience,” adding that he would be adding more dates soon.

C.K. was accused of sexual misconduct by five women in 2017 (allegations which he later said were true.)  After a brief hiatus, he returned to stand-up in August 2018 with sets at the Comedy Cellar in New York City. 

Louis C.K. Reveals Plans For Comeback Tour 2 Years After #MeToo Scandal

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