Pitbull Releases Uplifting Song ‘I Believe That We Will Win’ During Pandemic

“Mr. Worldwide” Pitbull is bringing the world together through his music with his latest single, “I Believe That We Will Win.” The song is an anthem about the current global health crisis.

The song features lyrics, “You know what spreads faster than any virus? Is fear/And when it comes to fear, you can either forget everything and run, or you can face everything and rise.”

Pitbull said on his Instagram page that proceeds from the song will go to charities that provide Covid-19 relief.  You can take a listen to “I Believe That We Will Win” at the link here.

Pitbull Talks About New Anthem “I Believe That We Will Win” and Spreads Hope During the Pandemic

Via peopleenespanol.com

Editorial credit: Nick Biemans / Shutterstock.com